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Ultimate Careers, Employment and Enterprise Package
38 HOUR UNIT - For the Gatsby Benchmark Careers Guidelines. All fully resourced lessons, well differentiated and highly rated 1...
Unseen Poetry
SEVENTEEN UNSEEN POETRY RESOURCES. fully differentiated and resourced lessons from a TES Award nominated author that help to prepare students...
Unseen Poetry Home Learning
Unseen poetry revision pack designed for students and parents to use. Includes: Knowledge organiser Exam practice questions AND ANSWERS Revision...
Voting Systems - First Past the Post and Proportional Representation
A very detailed Citizenship lesson which compares different systems of voting (FPTP and PR) and electoral systems, broken down in...
War Poetry Base Details Siegfried Sassoon
Base Details lesson that explores Siegfried Sassoon’s poem, looking at language and structures before moving to compare how the tone...
War Poetry Structure
A detailed poetry lesson that analyses structure through caesuras and enjambent in William Stafford’s At The Bomb Testing Site. We...
World War One: Causes
History GCSE 9-1, a detailed, well differentiated lesson on the causes, the alliances, the colonialism and the rivalry that paved...
Writing Personal Statements
For the Gatsby Benchmark Careers Guidelines. 2 hour, fully resourced lesson on writing personal statements. The lesson is divided into...
Writing Poetry - Prometheus
Using the classical Greek myth of Prometheus, students work together to create their own poems on Prometheus in the style...
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Writing to Argue George Floyd Riots
Writing to argue KS3 English lesson that focuses on riots, rioting and examples such as the 2011 London riots around...
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Youth Courts and Youth Justice System - Edexcel Citizenship GCSE
A detailed and well differentiated lesson which covers both content for Edexcel Citizenship GCSE 9-1 - Theme C ‘Law and...
Youth Courts, Justice System and Sentencing AQA Citizenship GCSE
A detailed and well differentiated lesson which covers both content for AQA Citizenship GCSE 9-1 covering content for: 3.3.3 How...