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War Poetry Structure
A detailed poetry lesson that analyses structure through caesuras and enjambent in William Stafford’s At The Bomb Testing Site. We...
What is Alcohol?
Alcohol - what is it and why do people drink it? This 1-hour, fully resourced PSHE lesson is suitable for...
Why are we wearing facemasks? KS2 face masks
1 hour, fully resourced PSHE lesson suitable for upper KS2 or lower KS3 which allows students to investigate and discover...
World Book Day Quiz
A FREE World Book Day quiz that contains 20 representations of famous novels and plays and students can work together...
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World War One: Causes
History GCSE 9-1, a detailed, well differentiated lesson on the causes, the alliances, the colonialism and the rivalry that paved...
Writing Personal Statements
For the Gatsby Benchmark Careers Guidelines. 2 hour, fully resourced lesson on writing personal statements. The lesson is divided into...
Writing Poetry - Prometheus
Using the classical Greek myth of Prometheus, students work together to create their own poems on Prometheus in the style...
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Writing to Argue George Floyd Riots
Writing to argue KS3 English lesson that focuses on riots, rioting and examples such as the 2011 London riots around...
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Year 7 KS3 SEND & Lower Ability PSHE Bundle
12 hours of lower-ability, SEND-friendly KS3 / Year 7 PSHE, RSE and Health lessons covering internet safety, body image, safe relationships,...
Youth Courts and Youth Justice System - Edexcel Citizenship GCSE
A detailed and well differentiated lesson which covers both content for Edexcel Citizenship GCSE 9-1 - Theme C ‘Law and...
Youth Courts, Justice System and Sentencing AQA Citizenship GCSE
A detailed and well differentiated lesson which covers both content for AQA Citizenship GCSE 9-1 covering content for: 3.3.3 How...