Citizenship GCSE Resources and Citizenship KS3

Citizenship GCSE Resources and Citizenship KS3

Citizenship GCSE AQA and GCSE Citizenship Edexcel resources, lesson packs, revision and exam practice materials and more.

We also supply Key Stage 3 Citizenship lesson plans and resources for all year groups. Ideal for those busy teachers who need engaging, customisable teaching materials.

More are uploaded every day - keep checking back for more free lessons - OCR coming in the near future too.

All our teaching resources are three-way differentiated and can be used straight away, or if you want to customise them, everything is editable so you can adapt them to suit your school. Available for single teacher licence or unlimited teacher licence so you can share with all your colleagues.

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Transition - All about me!
A fun back to school activity for new classes. The students fill in the different sections of the cup of...
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UK Constitution AQA Citizenship GCSE
2 hour detailed and well-differentiated lesson which covers the AQA Citizenship GCSE spec for Politics and Paricipation. In particular these...
UK Constitution AQA GCSE
For AQA Citizenship GCSE, Politics and Participation. The lesson includes a 2 hour detailed PowerPoint, information sheets, differentiated activity worksheets,...
UK Government - An Introduction
A Citizenship lesson which is an introduction into how the British governmental system operates, from the constituents to the MPs...
Voting Systems - First Past the Post and Proportional Representation
A very detailed Citizenship lesson which compares different systems of voting (FPTP and PR) and electoral systems, broken down in...
Youth Courts and Youth Justice System - Edexcel Citizenship GCSE
A detailed and well differentiated lesson which covers both content for Edexcel Citizenship GCSE 9-1 - Theme C ‘Law and...